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what is the principle of biological magnification? cite and describe an example.

Hi Mary Grace
To understand you must first understand the Law of Entropy which states that when there is a change conversion of energy from one form to another there is a loss of useful energy. The best example of this is the problem caused during the early use of DDT. But first consider this.
It takes ten pounds of corn to make one pound of pig and it takes ten pounds of pork to make a pound of you if you eat pork. There are two energy conversions here and in each case  90 % of the energy is lost.
 Now the DDT. Over 25 ago DDT was sprayed in Canada to kill a beetle destroying spruce trees. DDT does not degrade and got into the water where it was absorbed by producers. First Order consumers ate the producers and the producers and were then eaten by second order consumers and the eaten by third order consumers and finally by fish. With each energy conversion the DDT was built up until the fish was loaded with it. Each time the energy was converted the DDT was amplified by a factor of ten. The Bald Eagle ate the fish and the DDT caused the eggs of the bird to have weak shells. When the birds sat on the eggs they broke. I homework you need further input her let me know

Let me point out here that I did not answer your other two questions because I thing they were homework questions. My policy with homework is to have the student answer the questions first and then I will comment on them. To do the homework for a student is to do a disservice to them  


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