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Dear Deb,

I am a complete amateur interested in the brain

Have struggled thru:  neurons with dendrites and axons and neurotransmitters and myelin sheaths and nodes of Ranier and ion chanels and action potentials and axon hillock and neurotransmitter vesicles in the axon terminals' cell walls and  neurotransmitter  uptakes an MAO inhibiters----  and receptor sites  and then I come to a complete halt and cannot comprehend one thing more because---

Inhibitory and excitatory neurotransmitters as they unite with the receptors  to pass on --- or not--- the charge  (the whole point)  are totally beyond my capacity to understand.

If they inhibit  (opoids or endorphins for example ) and don't pass  the charge or action potential on -- why are we so happy
and relaxed when this happens?   Shouldn't any feeling including blissed relaxation require a charge moving thru?  No charge at all equals feeling good?  I don;t understand.  Somewhere I read that these paticular nerotransmitters or modulators "disinhibit " and so enable a charge.  I don't understand that.

I see that the excitors pass the charge on and make you either agitated or energized and happy according to the numbers of neurons invoved -- the more negative the feeling the more neurons-- this-- I guess because, per selective value  feeling moderately bad can be a better survival bet more times than

Thank you for reading all this and I hope you can help me with the inhibitatory neurotransmitters.

VEry truly yours,

you didn;t really ask a question but i will try to proceed hoping this helps​WhatareNeurotransmi09CE.asp​excitatory...​neurotransmitter.htm​inhibitory-neurotransmitters​neurotransmitter​neurotransmitter.html


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