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Biology/What is a quantifiable way of measuring vitality?


Dear Deb,

I'm not an actual scientist, just an amateur, so please don't get angry at me. Hope you can help.

My aim is to investigate the effects and benefits of daily meditation on a person's vitality (i'm not aware of any reliable quantitative methods to measure this).

How should the person practising record their data, what should they record, and how can they measure their change of vitality over time, so my results are reliable and accurate?

How many participants should I have minimum to undergo this test? What else do I need to do?

Thank you


Blood pressure is a good measurement of stress.

Another method would be to find out the subjects stress release habits (smoking, biting fingernails, eating, etc) and ask them to log how many times a day they engage the habit (before meditation practices begin, and then after implementing meditation).


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