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where is energy produced in the body and how is it used. I have no idea on this and would really appreciate your help . Im 45 and doing a college course and trying to do an assignment on this . many thanks for your help

Hi Kerry
It is difficult to answer this without knowing about your background in biology. Al I can do is give you a general idea and then you can do some research about what I am telling you or you can get back to me
 All of our energy comes from the molecule glucose. C6H12O6. Glucose is formed in green plants that capture energy from the sun and store this energy in the chemical bonds that hold the atoms together. Our foods contain sugars fats and proteins all storing energy. We release this energy when woe digest these foods into glucose. We then metabolize the glucose and either use the enerch right away or store in a compound called ATP. The released energy is in  the form of heat. All bodily functions are driven by  and dependent upon heat.
  Look up glucose,photosynthesis, ATP and cellular metabolism.
 Let me know if this helps you  


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