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I want to know the long term effects of various poisons on human body. However, my main question is that can poison kill a person 3 years later after consuming it? For example, if a person takes a deadly poison, then is it possible according to the principles of human physiology and human biology that a person dies from its effects 3 years later? Thank you.

answering this to best of my knowledge;hope helps
Free radicals - these substances have the ability to disrupt important molecules throughout the body because they have better affinity to the molecule than the components of the molecule itself. Therefore any collisions between the free radical and the molecule quite literally tears them apart due to the single unpaired electron they possess.

Venom - A common action of venomous substances is to bore holes in cell membranes which is achieved with their corkscrew like structure. This breach in the cell membrane causes its contents to spill out and the cell quickly dies.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) - This has a stronger affinity to Haemoglobin in the blood than oxygen meaning that when there is both CO and O in the blood, Carbon Monoxide is more likely to enter the blood cells. When Carbon Monoxide binds with the Iron group in Haemoglobin, it takes up valuable space that could be occupied by Oxygen, therefore blood cells are Oxygen deficient.
depends on which poison you are talking about....for example cyanide affects the electron transport chain ( last phase of cellular respiration) and does not allow oxygen to bind....or something like that and so you can't make enough ATP and the cell dies quickly.

Other chemicals will have completely different affects, either affacting organ systems, chemical pathways, may affect neurological or how the brain works, etc etc etc etc....for every poison there is a different affect to the body and what it affacts
they don't all work in the same mechanism  


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