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I am sorry if I am in the rong Topic but I did not see any other place to post this.
I know how the Female eproductive System works.

And I have a basic Organ Layout to.

But if you look at any Dyagram you see the Fallopian Tube and at the end it it is the Fimbriae or Fingers.

Right after the Fingers is the Overy.

And yes I do know that when an Overy lets an Egg out the Fingers grab it and pull it into the Fallopian Tube.

But am I right that the Fingers are right on top of the Overy?

Because if you look at any photo the Fingers are a little bit away from the Overy. But I always thought this is to show you a Clear image of the Fingers and Overy.

I think the Fingers and Overy have to be conected or the Egg would Float away into the Body?

Thank you.

Hi Bob
I assume you are looking at drawings of the reproductive anatomy. The fimbria(fingers ) are very close together and their movement creates a current that draws an egg into the oviduct. In drawings there is always a space between the fimbria and the ovary. You are correct in the this is to show more detail.


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