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QUESTION: Hi there,

I want to know the long term effects of various poisons on human body. However, my main question is that can poison kill a person 3 years later after consuming it? For example, if a person takes a deadly poison, then is it possible according to the principles of human physiology and human biology that a person dies from its long term effects 3 years later? Thank you.

ANSWER: A person could die from the long term effects of a toxin. For example ,if a hematoxin damaged the heart muscle causing a heart problem that person could have a heart attack years later

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QUESTION: Hi there,

Thank you for your answer. It is appreciated. My question two questions are as follows:-

1) Is that is it not possible for the body to heal in those 3 years?

2) Moreover, if a person does die from long term effects of a powerful poison which he took 3 years earlier, then what will be the cause of his death considered in the light of science, poison or heart attack?

I am researching biological effects of poison on human body.  Your answer to these two questions will be very highly appreciated. Thank you so much.

1. In this case I suggested heart damage. Some heart damage cannot be  repaired without surgery. For example if the valves were damaged by a toxin they would not be regenerated. Certain toxins  could also damage the kidneys and it could take three years before they failed.

2. I cannot answer this because it becomes a legal matter. The cause of death would be determined by a doctor and could be challenged by attorneys

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