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Elisabeth DeWald wrote at 2014-07-19 03:38:06
Why is evolution true?  Because every branch of science supports it, with not one piece of scientific evidence against it.  Not one.  Zip.  Zero.

And actually there is a book you might wish to read, "Why Evolution is True", by Jerry Coyne, Ph. D., University of Chicago.  It will answer any question you have ever had about why evolution happened, is happening now, and why it will continue to happen.  One thing is certain.... 100,000 years ago, things on this planet looked very different, and 100,000 years from now they will look very different.  Why?  Because the environment puts pressure on species.  Those that can adapt, survive, and live.  Those which cannot, die.  Of all the life that has evolved on this planet 99% of it is now extinct. But life is resilient, too.  There have been four near extinctions on this planet, and when the dominant group is wiped out, lesser species have a wide open area to exploit.  Rather like a large tree falling in the forest.  That single tree dies, but it leaves the ground open for new life, because light can now reach the forest floor.  And thus the race is in to reach the light, as each plant suddenly has light.  It is the same with animals.  When one large group, such as the dinosaurs became extinct, it left "light" for lesser animals to emerge and fill those niches.

The above mentioned book is used in many classes at university and colleges in courses in evolution.  A fun read.

Elisabeth Dewald.


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