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What is an enzyme inhibitor typically made of? Amino acid, what are some common enzyme inhibitors I should know for the MCAT?


what are some common enzyme inhibitors

Enzyme Inhibitors:

1. Competitive inhibitors: These chemicals mimic or resemble the normal substrate molecule.

2. Noncompetitive inhibitors: These chemicals attach themselves to the enzyme at another point and alters the enzyme's shape. This causes the enzyme's active site to become non receptive to the substrate.

3. Allosteric regulation: Most enzymes that are affected by this type of regulation are composed of 2 or more polypeptide chains. These enzymes fluctuate between an active and inactive substance.

The enzyme contains 2 sites the active site and the allosteric site, located away from the active site. The allosteric site must contain an activator substance that will allow the active site to remain open. If the activator is missing then an inhibitor occupies the space and inactivates the enzyme.

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