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QUESTION: I have a question regarding about the hantavirus. Do they affect house mice as well because I get a lot of them here in Tennessee but I dont know if they are affected here in Tennessee...I havent heard of any cases here so is there anything to worry about? Also how long does the virus live for when exposed to open air?

The Hantavirus can be carried in all rodents but of course most rodents do not carry it. Most Hantavirus infections have been reported West of the Mississippi and it is not common in Tennessee.
Viruses are not considered as living particles and can only survive in living cells and are passed on form host to host. Living things are made up of cells and a cell must have at least three components. A cell membrane,a nucleus (DNA OR RNA) and protoplasm. Viruses have only DNA.

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QUESTION: So as of right now the virus isnt present here? And also I dont feel well right throat feels soar and my stomach is a little messed what im experiencing a cold or some other sickness? Im around over 3, 000 kids anyway at school all day so there are a lot of germs everywhere....just trying to keep me and my family safe and what are the overall chances of catching the virus?

I believe I have responded to this but maybe not.
 The chance of you getting the hantavirus is about 0.. As to your medical condition I am not not an MD and cannot diagnosis your condition and even I was I would not tell you without examining you. teachers are always exposed as it is a germy world in classrooms. If your symptoms get worse consult a physician.  


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