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Dear Prof Walter

Amphibians can stay on land
and water. Examples frog, toad, crocodile etc

Birds can fly, stay on land.
Human beings can stay on land, Cannot fly.

Is there any species which can stay on
Land, water as well as fly in air?.

If not why?. what are the biological reasons regarding the anatomy?.

Thanks & regards
Prashant s akerkar

I am assuming that when you ask about "staying" on land water or in the air you mean surviving there. My answer is that there are no species that can survive in all three places.
Everything depends upon how the animal obtains Oxygen and whether or not they have the ability to fly


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I have a MSc in biology and have been a science teacher for over 50 years. At present I am a faculty member at a college and a science consultant at seven catholic schools.

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