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Biology/What's the best way to do well in Microbiology?


Hello Deb,

I currently am working on getting a BSN, and this quarter in school I've started taking the Microbiology class. I am not sure if this goes for other schools, but Microbio is the highest unit class for the science prerequisite classes at my college. (Pre-nursing classes).

I've heard by many, that this is a very difficult class, and also, the professor I am currently taking is notoriously known for having unclear lectures and difficult exams. The passing rate in her class is also extremely low, so I'm very worried and stressed out on how I can do well in this class.

Do you have any tips on studying/understanding microbiology? The majority of her lecture exams are based off lecture, so she told us our textbook won't help much besides being used as reference.
The lab exams I feel like I might be able to handle.

Although I know each person have their own study methods, please let me know if you have any suggestions that I can try out.

Thank you for your time,

here is great site​mdkey=78&d_name=Microbiology     Learning Center   Theory​sites/0072320419/student_view0/...

practice test​microbiology1.htm​microbiology-test...​microbiology-test...     Science   Biology   Microbiology​microbiology-i  

i pray this helps,good luck,if u need any answers to any questions let me know,when Gd steps in all things will work out for ur god,read bible verse jeremah 29;11 and never frget it,peace be unto u


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