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I am writing a fantasy novel with human-like beings. There are different races, or species you could say, with different color codes. Some of them tend to have green skin and hair, others - grey skin and black hair, or white skin and bluish hair. My question is, how much does blood affect the color of the skin? Does it have to be similar to skin color and, if so, how much similar? Or could blood and skin colors be very contrast? Could a skin pigment be so strong that it would be unrelated to blood at all and unaffected by it? I am trying to stick to logic and any help would be very appreciated. Thank you!

Hi Rasa
Co;oration on humans involves different tisues that blood.
blood is connective tissue while pigmentation has no connection to human blood. Human blood is red due to hemoglobin. Skin,hair and eye color is due to the production of Melanin. Since your atory is a fantasy you can make the skin pigments any color you want but the blood is not involved


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