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Dear Prof Walter

Can there be twins in Pets viz dog, cat, Fish, Bird etc?.

Example - A pair of Twin Gold Fish.

Could they be both Twin males fishes, both Twin Female fishes, one Male, one Female Twin fishes?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Hello Prashant.
 It is possible but highly unlikely for placental animals to have twin births if two animals share the same placenta. Dogs and cats have estrous cycles and release eggs during the mating only and they have a uterus in the form of a band where multiple placentas forn so it is unlikey  two individuals would be attached to the same placenta. Twin cats occasionally occur but the would be one egg twins like the identical twins in primates
AS  regards to the fishes there is no way we can tell if two fishes can arise from a single egg unless we could check their DNA.

I have answered a lot of questions for you and am interested about your job and what you do. Are you a student?  If you would care to share from personal information OK and if not that i all right.
 I am a college professor of Biology and have been a teacher at all grade levels for over 63 years


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