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Hello! I am currently working on a science project but have seem to hit a bit of a roadblock in creating the experiment. I am trying to biomonitor/bioassay local water systems. I will run tests throughout different sites and compare the microbiological biodiversity to see and compare the health of each system. The problem is, I do not know what equipment exactly I would need. My teacher is not an expert in microbiology and can not offer any help. Do you by any chance know what technology/tools/equipment I need to be able to identify the different forms of microbiological life? And how exactly I would get the data? Thank you in advance!

There are many products and systems that can, with varying degrees of accuracy, identify microbial organisms.  Unfortunately, most of these products (as well as all the big systems that identify genetically or metabolically) are very expensive.  Perhaps you could look into sending out your samples to be identified at a testing lab, though that might be expensive too.  Here is a slideshow detailing the different ways to classify/identify bacteria:

Identifying mold can be done microscopically to a certain extent with a trained eye.  You would need to refer to good reference materials that show pictures of a wide variety of fungi.


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