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Biology/To show that respiring organism produce heat energy


Three students carried out an experiment to find out if living organism give out heat energy. They set up two flasks and each flasks had the same mass of soaked seeds. The seeds in Flask B were boiled and cooled before being put into the flask. The Temperature
in each flask was recorded on each of the five days . The temperature readings are shown in Degree Celsus.
         Flask A (Celsus)       Flask B(Celsus)
Monday        16          16
Tuesday       22          16
Wednesday     28          16
Thursday      36          16
Friday        44          16

Why were the seeds soaked in before being placed in the Flasks?

Why were vacuum flasks used instead of ordinary glass laboratory?

What process caused the rise in temperature in flask A?

Why was there no temperature rise in flask B?

What is the purpose of flask B in the experiment?

Was this a fair test? Give a reason for you answer.

Why is it important to have a fair test?

(Short and simple answers).

Hi Oisin.
 The seeds were dormant until soaked
 To prevent the loss of generated heat
 The growth and metabolism of the seed embryo
 The cells were not alive after boiling
 Flask was the Control
 Yes it was fair. The hypothesis was confirmed
 If not then the study would be void


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