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Biology/the effects of music on the growth and behaviour of bean plants


Hi, I am doing a Yr 12 EEI on the effects of music on the growth and behaviour of bean plants and was wondering if you could give me any key scientific points that i should involve in my report. Also if you could recomend any internet sites that i could visit to further research my topic, that would be great.

Hi Jasmine
 Many experiments like this have been conducted. It is a common school project. If you google the topic you will find results on the study. I have no record of legitimate studies performed by Botanists however. Plant growth is regulated by plant hormones (auxins) and abiotic factors,(water and light). There is no way sound waves can be detected by organisms without nervous tissue. If you wish to continue this study be sure you use the proper scientific methods. I am confident that if you do your results will show that music has no effect on plant growth. If your research shows that some experiments indicate otherwise, you will find that such results are no repeatable and repeatablilty is paramount in establishing facts. What you mean by plant behavior I do not know.
I am sorry if you find my comments discouraging but I do not find this project a good one for a 12th grade study.
Recently there have been claims that plants can feel pain when you cut them.  


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