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if we wanted to know if a drug helped cure cancer, what might we use as a negative control? And what is the purpose of a negative control?

) a negative result,

(ii) a protocol that is not capable of producing a positive result (a.k.a., systematic error), or

(iii) experimental error in the course of performing the protocol

(c) Of course, the latter could occur for individual measurements rather than for the entire experiment, but that is why one does more than one replication.

Negative control:
(a) The negative control level of treatment often corresponds with the control-treatment level of treatment.

(b) The negative control is supposed to result in a lack of change (or some baseline display value) in the dependent variable. This way one may determine whether experimental levels of treatment produce a change in the dependent variable.

(c) The negative control also serves as proof that a given protocol is capable of giving baseline results.also see here

:  A negative control is one where you expect to see no result. A positive one is one where you expect to see a positive result.  

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