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        My mom smokes Marlboro cigarettes (100 reds and 100 red special blend) the reds are i can tolerate somewhat but the special blend i can tell is burning from 50 feet away. How can someone not notice something so horrid, let alone inhale it. Does smoking let one to tolerate any form of smoke ? If there was a way to have them not bother me I would love to know! Is there anywhere i could find what brands have the most harmful second hand smoke?

Hi Rick
I can understand the problem you are having and I can relate to your mothers habit as I was addicted for many years to cigarettes. Make no bones about it, it is an addiction comparable to heroin. There are no such thing as a safe cigarette. Second-hand smoke is the same with all brands. All I can suggest is that you avoid the area where your mom is smoking. But more then that you should do every thing you can to encourage her to quit the habit. I am not aware of you moms temperament and I believe most smokers are in denial about the dangers of smoking. They must know it is bad but the addiction is to strong. You have to approach her with love and understanding emphasizing your concern that you want to keep her around. This takes patience. My wife who was also smoker also quit when she was carted away in an ambulance after suffering respiratory failure. Fortunately she survived but has a slight case of COPD.  Our children were inportant factors in my quitting but it took the inability to breath to convince my wife.
Don't give up on her and good luck


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