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Hi, i am having a hard time understanding the following:

1) explain the process of breathing, under normal resting conditions. Describe in detail the route an inhaled oxygen molecule will follow from the atmosphere to the alveoli.

2) Explain in detail how an oxygen molecule enters the blood, how it is transported in the blood, and the specific route that it follows to ultimately be delivered to the gastronomius muscle. In this muscle there is an open wound. Describe in detail the mechanisms used to form a blood clot at the site of damage.

Thank you

Hi Sonia
 1. The oxygen enters the trachea then to the broncial tubes to the bronchioles. From there it enters the alveoli. The alveoli are thin walled and every one is next to a capillary with venules bringing O2 poor blood and arteioles carrying blood to the cells.
The alveoli are filled after an inspiration with O2. The O2 enters the alveoli by simple diffusion and the CO2 leaves and is exhaled. At the cellular level the situation is reversed with O2 entering the cell and CO2 leaving. The gases are transported in the blood attached to the hemoglobin molecule
2. I have answered the delivery mechanism of the gas exchange in question one.
 Your questions about blood clotting and the arterial pathways ,I believe are homework questions. I do not answer homework but if You do thr research and answer them I will correct or comment on the questions



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