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Are there certain neurons in the brain that are responsible for creating thoughts, storing memories and personality ?Are thoughts stores in the brain ? EX: Intrusive thoughts ? If neurons that are responsible for consciousness were transplanted would that person wake up in someone else's body ? EX : Person A has their neurons transplanted inside persons b's brain now person a only has the neurons responsible for consciousness transplanted and has left their thoughts and memories and personality behind  and person b does not have consciousness or has their consciousness removed but the neurons responsible for person b's thoughts, memories, belief's and overall personality are still in their brain when person A has their brain cells transplanted inside person b's brain will they wake up in person b's body with person b's thoughts memories, beliefs personality ?


Are thoughts stores in the brain /Brain isn't the storage for thoughts, it's the tool like modem or radio-station for reception and transmission thoughts (information) between consciousness and sub-consciousness (information field) where thoughts are written forever. And if you could tune in to that field you'd read others' thoughts, what is called telepathy.
Thus, the more powerful brain the more data it can process. And if some sectors fail it worsen the brain's work - your data transfer. So we don't exactly recover bad sectors, we make frequency match adjustment to catch our brainwave.


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