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In the Science Fiction story "Danger Human!" by Gordon R Dickson, a human manages to escape an escape-proof alien prison partly by constantly throwing up and thereby using his stomach-acid over a long period of time to gradually dissolve the metal bars of his cell. (I gather that the PH value of human stomach-acid is c.1.0 or so, so  presumably should do the trick?) Is this described feat feasible at all?
Thanks, Geoff.

Hi Geoff
At first it sounds like a logical idea,but I afraid it just would not work. It requires 2 moles of HCl for every mole of metal. Therefore it would take about two liters of acid to dissolve a portion of a metal bar. Constant vomiting causes dehydration and the prisoner would die before that much HCl  was produced. But hey! This is science fiction, right?


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