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I want to ask you whether arteries and veins both have valves present in it?

Veins need valves to create pressure to pump the blood to the heart. Blood flows away from the heart and, therefore, the pressure is not required.

Simplistically, think of the effort it takes to run up a hill, and and how much easier it is to run down it. As you know Arteries move blood away from the heart and veins bring the blood back after going through the capillaries.

However the reason for valves in the veins is because it assists in the oneway upward movement of blood from the lower portion of the body, because nothing is forcing it to return to the heart except for body movements and the values.

There is no need for values in the arteries once it gets out of the heart because the blood pressure created by the heart pumping is what causes its movement..

valves in your veins are the coolest things ever. your blood has to fight gravity to get back to your heart.

one thing happening is that your muscles in your legs (for example) constrict and relax as you walk - the constricting muscle pushes the blood up your veins - the valves close behind the gush of blood to keep the blood from flowing back down again.  


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