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I have been reading about brain regeneration and have heard about 2 possibilities:- magic mushrooms and brain-stimulation(with mention of "bineural beats". There was no Neurology expert here, sadly, so I was hoping if you could give me some info on these and any other brain/neuron regeneration methods you may have heard of re likelihood of success etc.. I already do exercise at the gym(I also regularly practise fasting which I have read affects brain-regeneration as well.), but need to find out about other more useful methods. You see, due to multiple illnesses such as chronic fatigue affecting my brain and body, I suspect that I have incurred some brain-damage over time(some studies show that long-term stress can cause brain-damage).Any help much appreciated! I love this site!

Hi Alan
Nerve fibers themselves do not regenerate. Two tissues in the body that do not undergo mitosis are neural and muscle tissue.  There have been some studies lately that indicate that damaged nerves in the brain may recover but this usually due to Non functioning associated cells take over the task of the dead cells
As to your other question Brain simulation involves a medetation activity AS far as I know there is no evidence that medidation brings about repair of damaged nervous tissue. The same thing can be said about mushrooms. These are just mind altering drugs. I fthese things worked there would be no one in wheel chairs


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