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I am again ask you some question.

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1.Distinguished between Biosphere &
2.Contribution of Alexander Flemming in
development of Microbiology?
3.Define ; viroid, virion,prion.

Hello again Shuvo
 1. The habitat is the actual geographic location where an animal lives.
    A Biome is a geographical area consisting of ecosystems. For example the Tundra is a biome
 2. Alexander Flemming revolutionized medicine with his discovery of penicillin
 3. A viroid is a small viruslike particle. It is smaller thena virus and infects plant tissues
    It is made up of RNA
     A virion is another name for a virus particle
    A prion is a misshapen bit of a protein that attacke the nervous tissue of animals An examples are mad cow disease, kuru and scrappy


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