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Greetings Mr.Walter. I am asking some questions again.

1.Starch is structurally difference than glycogen.
2.Binary fission is called transverse fission.
3.Why a bacterial cell population enters into stationary phase.
4.Characteristic of Actinomycetes & chlamydiae.

Thanks & regards.

1. glycogen is found only in animals and the structure consists as a single molecule
  Starch consists of a double molecule ans is found in plants. It also has a linear structure
2.They ae the same thing.
3.It occurs with a lack of energy source. Some cells die while other cells divide It is balanced so the population does not increase
4.I have skipped this question Shuvo.  My guess is that you are a student and this is like  homework question and I usually not answer homework questions. You can easily look his up yourself


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