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Dear Prof Walter

If Mars planet exploration predicts life existence for Human beings species, Will future Generations may migrate to Mars planet?.


Hi Prashant;
I have some strong views on this topic and many would disagree with me. Humans will never be able to survive on Mars unless take they Earth environment with them. WE need some essential things to survive, Oxygen, water carbon dioxide and a food source.The important component for both of these is Chlorophyll. In other words we need green plants. All of our food comes from the photostynthetic  activity of plants with chlorophyll  The plants use CO2 and H2O  to make sugerand give off Oxygen , and the process is cyclic.
Of course we can build a dome and take our plants with us and we could possibly sustain the plant life But we cannot leave the dome. In other words with a dome we have taken our  environmant with us
 Now suppose that a microorganism containing chlorophyll appears on Mars as it did on Earth. There appears to some water on the planet and also CO2. How long would it be before humans could leave the dome. Plants first appeared on Earth 450 million years ago. And all living things came about at the same, From the microorganisms to the humans. What do not want to understand or refuse to do so is that we are a part of this environment. Without it we cannot exist. All living things are connected.
 If the conditions on mars were the same as those of Earth then maybe in 450 million years we could inhabit mars.
 This however is not going to happen because if it could happen it already would have.
  Only hope of colonizing another planet would be to find one with a similiar biomes and conditions and with and intelligent persons who would accept the intrusion.
 All this to answer your question.
 Future generations may migrate to Mars but they will have to take part of the Earth wth them


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