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My questions are:-
#Useful Microorganism species name  in the following
sectors :
1. Agricultural
2. Health
3. Industry
4. Pharmaceuticals
5. Food

#Why do we stain microorganism?

#How does a dye attach with bacteria?

In previous question,  I did a little mistake that you were mentioned that's why i am sorry.And it's good for me that I'm  finding a expert teacher like you.

Hi Shuvo
 I have not forgotten your question but have been thinking about it for some time Rather then list individual species of useful organisms in thes eares I can tell you spevies in general that are involved.
  In agricukture certain bacteria are used in the genetic engineering process. For example a strain of E.coli has been used to produce a yellow strain of rice
  In health the microrganisms very numerous, Bacteria and yeasts that produce antibiotics as well as penicillin
   I am not awear of microorganisms use in idustry
  In drug production agin we realy often of bacteria and yeasts
The food industry relies entirely on bacteria in the area of genetic engineering

Many microorganisms are colorless and stains are required so we can see them

Bacteria have proteins in the cell wall that attach to specific dies


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