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QUESTION: Before binding to codon of mRNA how tRNA knows which codon it will get of mRNA...?

The mRNA template for a particular protein is on the ribosome and tRNA is the anticodon to the mRNA codon. It con only hook up with a matching mRNA

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QUESTION: I did not get it properly....pls can u explain in simple words....!!!

My problem Anky is that I do not know how much you already know about mRNA and tRNA
You question implies that tRNA knows what to do do. THe tRNA molecule does what it has to do to carry out its function.
Let me start with the basics.  The function of mRNA and tRNA is making new proteins. Preoeins are made up od a particular sequence of amino acids.
mRNA is synheised by a strand of DNA according to the base pairing rule (A-T and G-C and A-U in RNA
mRNA  UAAUAGCAU   The strand of mRNA separates from the DNA and attaches to a ribosome.
tRNA  AUUAUCGUA Note that the tRNA is an anticodon to the mRNA  The tRNA occurs as groups of three each an anti codon for a certain amino acid. Thousands of the anticodons float around in the cell fluids with attached amino acids. When the tRNA AUU comes upon the segment UAA it attaches. Thse attachements occur all along the mRNA strand creating the amino acid sequence ( the protein)The amino acids then bond together with Carbon bonds, the chain splits off and the process continues. The tRNA then splits  to seek more amino acids
 The whole process is catalysed by enzymes

I know this is involved  but it is the only why I could explain it but


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