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If alternative medicines are not based on scientific evidence, why are they still being recognized by government authorities in many countries including USA. Also I read that WHO recognizes alternative medicines.

Further alternative medicines seem to have helped many people to cure their diseases. This is narrated by their experiences who had tried alternative medicines after trying out english (science based) medicines. How could alternative medicines help in curing diseases even though there is no scientific evidences.

Can you please explain

There are a number of things to consider here Ameen. In the US The FDA controls the use of any medicine that can cause harm in an individual. Otherwise a person has the right to take any medicine that they want. Whether they are effective or not is up to the individual. I do not know much about medicines in other countries. I do know that in Mexico you can go into any drug store and buy some prescription medicines without a doctor's order
Certainly certain alternative drugs work, perhaps the Placebo effect in involved with some.
I have some experience with Chinese medicine. The large hospitals in Cleveland recognize and hire acupunturists. My wife has use it and it works. There is no scientific evidence to explain it
I believe that certain alternative medicines and treatments such as acupuncture treat symptoms rather than offer cures
 It boils down to the right of a person to seek any treatment that they want whether it works or not  


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