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QUESTION: Hello sir.....How are you?

I am reading today about extreme environment. So,there are many types of extreme environment in earth.

These extreme environment areas can't supply food & water or a little bit.Again these area are also unable for living because of extreme temperature.

So,these environment areas are not necessary for us but these areas are present in earth.

My question is, What is the reason behind the creation of extreme environment?

Briefly explain me....

Thanks a lot.

ANSWER: Hi Shuvo
This difficult to answer because the word extreme is arbitrary and is subject to various interpretation. An environment can be too hot  or too cold, too wet or two dry so we have to decide when an environment is extreme.  Also an habitat may be extreme to some organisms living there and not to others
AS to your question a drastic change in an environment would occur when there is a change in the physical (abiotic ) factors .

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QUESTION: Thanks for your quick answer but i didn't catch it at all.Can you tell me more about this.

Hi Shuvo
Sorry if I was not clear but I was trying to point out that the word extreme is subject  to various interpretation.  The most extreme environments there are still subject to some living organisms The hot springs in Yellowstone contain sulfur bacteria and the Hot jets on the ocean bottom are miniature biomes The only place where life cannot exist is volcanic lava.
 Living things change when  the environment changes
As I stated environmental conditions change when the physical factors ( Temperature,pH, loss or gain  of of water, Amount of sunlight Etc)  


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