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What's the holdup with knowing how to build a living organism that can reproduce?

Hi Don
I do not know where to begin.
 The first living organisms that reproduces sexually were eukaryotes. In other words they were made up of living cells with a nucleus and DNA. They also had cell organelles to help in carry out all the cell physiology. All eukaryotes are the culmination of several million years of evolution. We can alter organisms by tinkering with DNA and we can clone organisms using stem cells but you question seems to suggest we build a living organism from scratch.. Is this what you have in mind.
 Now if it is , using a lot of different Atoms to "build" an organism  we must put together some DNA A single strand of human DNA would contain about 400,000,000 x 10 to the 2 atoms out together in a particular pattern. Now we have to build a cell around the DNA. Once we are done with this we have somehow to make it live to carry out the functions of a living thing.
Science fiction stories often use a zap of electricity ala Frankenstein
When we a living thing be built by scientists. Perhaps in about 4 billion years


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