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I am on an "alternative-health"-type forum. Inevitably, we encounter every so often a number of conspiracy-theories/rumours, some of which turn out eventually to be true, and many(99%) which turn out to be false. Currently, we have one claim or more re the Zika virus and its possible origins/causes:-

What is your view on this? Thanks!

Hi Geoff
 I am a scientist and teacher so I approach all conspiracy theories with skepticism I would have to see irrefutable evidence of any such theory before I would accept it.  In fact most of these ideas do even have  enough evidence to called a theory. There is talk now that Adolph Hitler is still alive. I have not heard that there is a conspiracy regarding the Zika virus


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I have a MSc in biology and have been a science teacher for over 50 years. At present I am a faculty member at a college and a science consultant at seven catholic schools.

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