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I realise this is deeply politically-incorrect, but I am aware that there is a general consensus that different ethnicities have different scents. For example, the Japanese have often viewed Caucasians as being a bit smelly. Now, of course, I am not disputing the fact that all ethnicities smell nice if they regularly shower etc.What I am interested in, though, is if redheads have a different scent from other ethnic types? You see, my father had, for whatever reason, a low opinion of the attractiveness of reheads and also claimed that they smelled different, even a bit worse than other Caucasians. This seems to be a common belief after some Googling. I was wondering if there was any scientific basis to this, though? Perhaps redheads have more sweat-glands?

 Hi Ed
I would suggest that there are different smells among individuals rather then races because it all depends upon diet. Since the Chinese for example, basically eat the same foods they would have the same odor. The odor would not be as noticable among Chinese Americans. In other words to make a statement that all members of a different race have different is not the really true. I can not confirm an odor for Redheads but it sound like a lot of nonsense to me


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