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Biology/Trisomy 18,Trisomy 21, Edward Syndrome diseases in animals.


Dear Prof Walter

Can there be evidences that Trisomy 18,Trisomy 21 and Edward Syndrome diseases can also be found in animals?.


Hello Prashant.
It is a pleasure to hear from you again.
Genetic errors can occur in all animals during mitosis. We are more likely to see abnormalities in primates and domestic animals. In the wild animals are not studied. Keep in mind when we consider the ailments that all mammals do not have the same chromosome number. For example we have 23 pair while cats have 16 pair. Cats would not have trisomy 21 or Trisomy 18. Dogs have 37 pair, Cows have 60.
 I do not know if Trisomy 21 Downs syndrome has been diagnosed in pets Bit if it were it would nut referred to trisomy 21  


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