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Hello sir

Sir after 1 Month my question is replied by u sir. Sir today I am sending my another question with a belief that u will reply quickly, lease don't brake my belief.

Sir can u tell me that elephant is big in size when compared to elephant because of cell number present in them or  because of cell size. Our teacher told size of cells are approximately same and variation of size between and elephant and ant is because of number of cells , not on size of cells, then in our textbook 1line is given that cells vary in shape and size

Hi Aishwarya
 Cells do vary in size and in shape but all cells are extremely small. The largest cells are unfertilized eggs of mammals. Your instructor is correct in that the variation between large and small animals is due not to cell size but the amount of tissue and therefore the cell number. If you wish I can explain to you why cells are so small.


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