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Dear Prof Walter

If Universal Blood Donor O and Universal Acceptor AB Blood are mixed,Can the mixed blood be both a Universal blood donor as well as a Universal Acceptor?

If not,what are the biological reasons?


There are a large number of blood proteins. Two of them have been designated as Type A and Type B. They are of interest because they are antigenic which means that they cannot me mixed in the body. Humans can have one of four possibilities. They can have Type A ,Type B , Type AB (in which thy have both A and B) Or they can be Type O which means they have neither A or B.
These blood types are inherited.  Type O can be added to all types because nothing is being added. Adding O to any blood type does not change anything  Type AB plus O does not change the AB type. The AB can be added to AB , A or B but not to O
Hope this helps


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