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Sir cell theory describes all the properties of cell, for eg ,cell is the fundamental unit of life, but this statment was described by Robert Hooke when he first discovered the cells if not then why his discovery should an important in history of biology, Robert Hooke discovered and because of him only we came to know that all living organisms are made up cells, but how cell theory states that all living organisms are made up of cells, av leeuwenhooke discovered living cells in pond then purkinje , I am getting confuse please Roberts Hooke discovery states that all living organisms are made up of cells
Then how cell theory can state


Robert Hooke looked at cork cells. He did not associate these cell with other living things and he did not state that all living things are made up of cells.  He called them cells because their organization reminded him of the rooms that Monks slept in.  There were many other men who over time who established cell theory


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