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How we can say that only living organism are made up of cells because some non living things such as bark of tree and fruits vegetables are also made up of dead cells,so why in text book they have given that all living organisms are made up of cells
Please refer my text book

This question was partly answered when I answered your last question. Trees, fruits and vegatables are all living plants made up of cells. The dead cells of a tree were once live cells and the inner layer of the bark and leaves are still alive. We tend to think that the carrot we bite into or that tomato we slice is not alive but it is made up of living cells. Just as you did with the onion you can observe the cells under the microscope.
Believe it or not there are some misinformed people who believe that a vegetable feels pain when we eat it.
The only thing I saw from you text was the onion skin material


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