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QUESTION: Hello sir

Sir the living cells in fruits and vegetables stores nutrients and minerals  , if this is true then in grains dead cells are there , then where is the storage of nutrients, in fruits and vegetables cells will store , then in grains, and cereals , dead cells will store, how dead cells can store.

If cells will not store then what the  use of converting energy from carbohydrates and fats .


ANSWER: In dried fruits like nuts and grains the necessary materials needed for the seed to germinate are stored in the seed coat called the cotyledon. The dead cells of the shells contain no nutrients.
   If you get a chance get a peanut and remove the dry shell. Carefully separate the two halves of the peanut. On one of the halves you will see the small embryo plant. The energy needed for the peanut to sprout is obtained from the part of the peanut we eat

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QUESTION: Hello sir
Sir I want to clear that if in fruits ,in which living cells are present ,they contain nutrients, for eg apple , in apple iron is present , that iron is present in cells

Sir previously u told in onion cells will grow and after some days green shot will be grown  then in fruits like orange, gauava if we snatch them and cut I agree that living cells are present but what function do they do ,because like in onion they help to grow a new shot lije that what they will perform function.
Sir from long time my confusion is this that in fruits what they living cells will do because in our textbook some functions of cell organelles are given like mitochondria , chromoplast, ect these all cell organelle will help the cell to perform specific functions for development of our body of plant and animal so my confusion is the cell which fruits contains they have basic cell oganelles ,so what they will do their because they cannot perforn the growth and development process in a fruit body when they are riped, so what living cells will do at ripened time of fruits and vegetables

Sorry sir from long time this the same topic is to be continued, I an sorry if u are irritated with my questions

There is a difference between an onion (which is not a fruit ) and  fruit that contains seeds. The cells in the onion nourish the developing sprout just as the potato cells nourish the sprouting buds. Fleshy fruits like oranges contain minerals extracted by the plant from from the soil, but these nutrients are not utilized by the seed. The seed ,like the peanut I mentioned is self contained. So what is the function of all of that sweet juicy in the fruits. When the orange drops from the tree it protects the developing seed. Also an animal may pick up the fruit for food  and carry it away spreading the seed.  Fleshy fruits attract animals that eat them. Seeds that are swallowed pass through the digestive tract and are deposited in the feces.. The way seeds are spread is remarkable
 I have noticed that your English writing is excellent and I do tend to answer in college biology teacher talk so if you have any problems let me know.
 Are you enrolled in a high school or college biology class



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