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Biology/Color of our bi-racial baby's eyes


Cassie Marie wrote at 2012-11-03 21:27:01
Hi! I am a biracial child. My mother was African American with dark hair and dark eyes, and my father was an pale red headed blue-eyed Irishman. My skin tone is a pleasant tan. Of course, I come from two extremes. In the winter with out any sun, I am pale and my hair is a dark-dark brown, like my mother and my skin is pale. During the summer, my brown hair gets lighter with natural undertones of red and blonde (from my dad). I am I girl by the way, if it matters. My parents and early pictures tell me that I was born with my dad's dark blue eyes, however, sometime when I was three years old, I woke up with green eyes. Since then my eyes have changed between green, grey, light/dark blue, and even light brown. Many of my other friends with black mothers and white fathers have the hazel colored eyes. However, my friends with a black father and white mother have the darker hair and eyes, (skin tones tend to depend on the father more than the mother). Hope this helps!


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