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QUESTION: Would phenoxyethonol present in a shampoo used regularly effect a hair strand test ? If so in what way would it do so

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I assume you are thinking about the hair test for ethanol and its metabolites.

Phenoxyethanol is not metabolised to ethanol in the body but actually to phenoxyacetic acid so use of shampoo containing phenoxyethanol would not lead to any build up of ethanol or its known metabolites in hair.

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QUESTION: Do you know of any chemicals or foods which would effect the test to create a positive FAEE and a negative EtG outcome when there has been no alcohol intake over a period of more than twelve months. Any information about how this result could occur would be very helpful.

Hi, Jon,

Thanks for your follow- up question.

There is documented evidence that FAEE can be found in the hair of teetotallers in the absence of EtG. Most labs would look for both as evidence of alcohol use.

See example below:

Comparison of ethyl glucuronide and fatty acid ethyl ester concentrations in hair of alcoholics, social drinkers and teetotallers.
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