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Bipolar Disorder/Using trileptal with abilify


John R wrote at 2010-07-11 15:38:19
I'm only an "expert" because I'm bipolar and alcohilic and have successfully remained abstinent for a year and calmed my mood disorder with trileptal and abilify.  600mg of trileptal is likely not enough.  I take 1200mg/day and 6mg of abilify.  The mood stabilizer is the key, the abilify is used to add antidepressant properties.  This person sounds as if they need AA or NA to deal with the drug abuse before any medication will really take hold.  A bipolar person abusing stimulants or depressants is extremely common and until controlled they remain untreatable.  I know from experience.  Also I would add that the mania is the most severe part as it begins the cycle of "crash" into depression.  Mania must be successfully controlled first, in my opinion.  This takes much time and patience on behalf of the one being treated as there is no magic wand that will just fix it.  The only answer is to be an expert in your own illness and learn to cope  in healthy, sane, ways.

Amy wrote at 2013-04-19 13:51:02
Wow, I was your daughter 20 years ago, and you my mother. She tried everything, and I just kept turning to street drugs and alcohol. The reason is that it simply helps you feel better faster than meds. However, at 38 I am med compliant, clean and sober and have a pretty normal life. I still have very poor judgement at times, and I go to therapy once a week. Please hang in there. It will get better :)

Bipolar Disorder

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