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Hi Dr. Goldberg,

I was curious if you had ever used Memantine in patients with Bipolar?

I suffer from severe OCD and some variation of Bipolar and have struggled with medication due to a general sensitivity (my psychiatrist believes I might be a slow metabolizer).

I've tried Memantine in doses between 2.5 and 15mg and found it increased my overall anxiety. However, because I have tried so much without success, I'd been wondering whether I might respond to a higher dose (such as the 20mg used in studies). Have you noticed -- or are you otherwise able to speculate on -- whether increased NMDA antagonism might be beneficial in anxiety disorders (where lower levels weren't), or is it too inter-individual to say?

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Hi, David . . .

I have prescribed mamantine for about a dozen patients I was treating for bipolar disorder. As you have probably read it has been suggested both as a treatment for cognitive impairment in people with bipolar disorder and as an antimanic agent or mood stabilizer. None of the people with bipolar disorder for whom I prescribed it  reported a significant improvement.

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