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Bipolar Disorder/Bi-polar disorder and Chantix


lisa wrote at 2013-11-15 12:24:48
Here we teach you some fun ways to quit smoking .

1 to own nearly a week to be a plan ,

Arrange a schedule for a second to yourself not to leave smoking .

(2) thrown away all the smoke ,  if you do not like anyone ,  gave   then to him .

3 Every morning say to yourself : I hate cigarettes, I hate cigarettes.

4    Learn fitness gymnastics,make a sweat bounce if you want to smoke

5 a cup of honey water or red dates longan tea , always remind ourselves , the body is to be meticulous maintenance .

6 , calculate : a year of smoke may be able to save money to buy a brand-name watches !

7 The money used to buy cigarettes donated to the hope project is also a good choice

8 cool heart pleasing raising pots of flowers, cultivate sentiments , to try to divert attention .

9 to clean the room , so that their own world clean and fresh.

10 usually buy their favorite snacks , eat more fruit.

11 on the surrounding friend said: " I quit smoking ." Let them do you quit smoking witness.

12 people who saw the smoke , he said in his heart : "Fool , you slow suicide ."

13. If someone handed you smoke, you'll tell him you bet with people,I would have jumped from the 15th floor if I smoke.

14 praise himself : I really have perseverance, even the smoke quit . Does not seem to me do not matter .

15  Go home often to buy smoke filial piety to their parents money to buy gifts

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Bipolar Disorder

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