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Bipolar Disorder/Safe Psychiatric Medication for Pregnancy


Hi i have bipolar disorder with acute manic features to the point of psychosis. I am only considering children, because my mental illness was not hereditary. It was brought on by an LSD overdose 15 years ago. I currently have been taking geodon 80mg twice a  day and lamotrigine 100 mg twice a day . This has worked very well for me, but i am at the point in my life where i am ready to start a family. I have read the current meds I'm on are unsafe for pregnacy. What is the safest medication i can be on during the duration of pregnancy that is hopefully well researched with the least possible side effects, especially for any deformations of  body and mental retardation. God Forbid.  Thank you for all your expertise and help offered here.

Hi Sophia . . .

I am not an expert when it comes to the use of antipsychotic medications such as Geodon during pregnancy, so I will not comment on that.

The literature regarding Lamictal during pregnancy shows it to be quite benign. Out of three registers of babies born to mothers taking Lamictal during their entire pregnancy only one of them shows any indication of increased fetal abnormalities. This register shown some increase in in cleft lips and palettes. This finding was not confirmed by either of the two other registers.

While lithium is considered to be a dangerous drug for a woman to take while pregnant, it turns out that 999 of 1,000 babies born to women taking lithium are 100% OK. nearly a dozen of my patients have delivered while taking lithium and/or Lamictal during their pregnancies and all the babies have been fine.

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