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I think my husband has mental issues that seems to me like adult ADHD. I will list the reasons i feel he has weird behaviour.

1.He gets very angry for the slightest problem or issue that is not done the way he thinks it should i.e. if I keep a light ON and he thinks it shouldn't be, he yells and shouts at me.  
2.He gets very edgy and irritated soon. Over sensitive I feel i.e. If I drop a metal plate on the ground and it makes a big noise, he hands and body trembles and he gets very disturbed and yells saying I have to be careful.
3.He is very impulsive and acts without thinking. I.e. once when we had an argument over financial matter with a friend , my husband got together with this friend and pretended to me that the matter was sorted when it wasn't. He was trembling and wasn't normal and when I asked him several times he blurted the truth. I was very hurt. My husband said he did it to shut me up. He still doesn't accept he was wrong because he says I ‘pushed his buttons’.
4.He almost never takes responsibility for his actions. He says its other peoples fault that he behaves that way.
5.He has road rage in a very bad way.
6.He is short tempered. Ie. He yells at his mum and has a lot of issues with his parents. Now he has started yelling at me too.
7.He thinks his father was right to beat his mother and his mother deserved it because she was ‘mad’.
8.When he starts home renovations work he goes on spending and doesn't realize how much he spends on it.
9.He doesn't remember when he keeps his money. He is not too thrifty but doesn't accept that.
10.He always needs to be ‘doing something’. He finds it hard to stay in one place. He fidgets.
11.His table is a mess. He says he has too much paper work. Ie. Bills etc.
12.He forgets things. Like if he yells and shouts after half an hour he forgets about it. When I remind him about it he doesn't remember too well what happened.
13.He talks too much and is very loud. Ie. The whole neighbourhood can hear what his computer password is.
14.He does things unexpectedly. Ie. He took his female teacher out for dinner when I was away from home and thinks it’s OK to do that. She was much older and was his friend but still..  (We had discussed before that we won’t go alone out with another female/male and it is also the norm in our Asian culture not to do that) When we discussed later he behaves like “he knows I will be upset but didn't think I will be soo upset” and thinks I am over reacting. I think he is aware it is wrong but would do it anyway if he wants to. He doesn't have much empathy.
15.   He forgets issues and problems soon and behaves like everything is normal. When I want to talk about these issues he panics and gets angry half way through and after that blames me for nagging him.
16.   He says he has ‘no control’ of what he does and says and that makes me so helpless.

I m sorry I can just go on and on. There is so much more.

Sometimes I think he is manipulative. Sometimes its just STUPID.  Sometimes it looks likes its out of innocence. Sometimes he accepts things are not right and says he is a basket case. Is this normal? Since our Asian culture believes more in religion and prayer as healing and doesn't encourage stuff like therapy (unless you were really ‘mad’, its unlikely we will see a therapist.

By the way, his mother and aunt are both under psychiatric treatment. They also had unfortunate circumstances in their lives which made it worse i think. His mother has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  His mother also has weird behavior like pretending she has money when she doesn't etc. (i see a similarity in his mother and him here) his aunty is considered ‘mad’ .

His father also has odd behaviour like bribing officers to do a particular task when you can very easily to that task officially. He boasts that he is smart because he makes people do what he wants. He also cheats people but acts like he is correct. He thinks crooked and is a controlling and annoying man. He is too arrogant and wouldn't accept he has mental issues (which i think he does)

My husband's behaviour is not as bad as his parents. He is a very loving, kind , very helpful and gentle person when he is normal. He cares for me and is very good to me. i am very patient and we have been married for 9 years. there is not physical abuse and most of the time we do have happy times.

I feel so sad when he behaves 'weird' some times.

So please explain my situation the best way you can.


Hi Sara,

All the symptoms points towards hypoglycemia ( In other words it may not be "mentally ill" but rather he has a biological illness. His body is not producing the necessary energy to manufcature feel-good neurotransmitters from the food he eats.

Best is to familiarize yourself with the following articles:

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ADHD and ADD, the Hyperactive Child by Dr Lendon H Smith ---> page 7

For more articles see:

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