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Hello I need some help so anything you can think of and whatever your Thoughts will be good.

My Sister was Born in the 60's and my Father was had very very very Bad Anger.

When I was Born in the 70's I remember growing up and seeing my Sister allways Tell my Dead off.
And my Dead would give it to her and Smack her.

As my Sister grew up she got very Bad Anger as well.

My Dead left me my Mom and Sister in the 80's but I think it was to Late for my Sister.

My Sister and Mom would still Fight all the time off and on.
I would say if 3 Days went b without my Mom and Sister Fighting it was a good week.

My Mom sould have had my Sister checked for Bipolar Disorder but she never did.
But it was the 80's and 90's now and I think my Mom did not want to thing or let anyonbe think she did a bad job Bringing up me and my Sister.

My Sister got Married in the 90's to a guy who had Anger.
This did not help my Sister even I know this and I am not a DR.

My Sister left him but was living on her own.

Me and my Mom got a House in 1998 and my Sister had to move back Home with us.

Now my Sister puts up the Christmass Lights every Year outside and she allways has trable and this is the very bad part.

One Year she had Prablems again and cam in Screaming.
I told her just don't do the outside.

My Sister then screams at me very very Valiantly.

I Tell my Sister the whole House is setup inside so don't worry about the Lights outside.

And she tells me I am a Fucking Man and don't tell me that.

Then when I turned 30 I tryed to grow a Mustasa my Trainer told me to try it.

One Day my Sister was getting a Drink and tells me when are you going to Shave that Mustache?

I told her I was going to saee how it looks.

She Slams her Glass down on the Table and Screams.

My Mom know all of this and make excuses  for her.

And I know why because My Mom made us live with a Father who had Anger and my Mom could not Saport us this is why.

I can not move out because I have SSi. Check and it is not that mutch.

My Mom can not live alone because her SSi. Check is not to Mutch.

Now my Mom got Cancer on the side of her Tounge and all is ok now but I think it was Stress.

I can not have my Sister put anywhere for help because she is not a harm to anyone.

But I think there has to be a Loop Whole to Force her to get help?

Any thoughts we be good

Unfortunately, there is no loophole to force your sister to get help if she's not a danger to herself or others. The best option you have is to evict your sister from your house and even though she will definitely be angry at you, she'll have to either sink or swim (so to speak) all on her own - maybe after she's had some time doing that, she'll realize the importance of family and the need to start acting right if she wants to be around hers.  

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I am available to answer questions of a general nature about bipolar disorder, provide online resources that address bipolar disorder in a more in-depth manner and sources to serve as a starting point for those looking for substantial information on the illness from a healthcare professional approach. I am not a doctor or a psychiatrist, my background is based in personal experience and extensive reading in my own process of understanding my diagnosis. I can also take questions that deal with the social issues surrounding bipolar disorder such as relationships; coping for family, friends, and the patient; marriage, choosing to start a family and related. Answers to questions of a legal nature will provide general information but anyone with a serious legal problem should consult an attorney licensed to practice in their jurisdiction.


I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder type II in 2000; as a SSI beneficiary, have experience and knowledge of the limitations and processes involved with the program; I understand the moods, the feelings, the worries, the doubts, and a lot more that there's not enough room to express - from the personal experiences of being bipolar. I have first-hand experience with the challenges of returning to college following hospitalizations and various combinations of medications that were tried before my doctor and I finally arrived at the most effective medication program for my treatment. My family and I have learned so much about each other in the process of dealing with the highs and lows that followed my diagnosis. I've had relationships with someone who also is bipolar and someone that is not - romantic relationships are no easier on either side! I feel that many of the ideas and beliefs that people have regarding bipolar disorder and those who have the condition promote the continuation of social stigmas associated with mental illness in general, and after learning from others with bipolar disorder, hope to guide others who may be trying to navigate the government health care system,& share information on other possible means of obtaining assistance with the cost of medications and/or mental health services and limited financial assistance programs for meeting basic living expenses for qualified individuals, dealing with problems from or with family & loved ones, co-occurring substance abuse problems, medications and side-effects (and when it feels like nothing will work, or why it's not helping the situation to ask whether or not a patient has taken their 'meds' when they seem hostile or moody to those around them).

I have a B.A. in Liberal Arts and will earn my J.D. upon completion of the Spring 2011 term after which I will be preparing to take the multi-state bar exam.

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