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Bipolar Disorder/Lamectomal, zolpidem, clonopamizam


About 3-4 years ago, I had a very bad anxiety attack. (I've had 3 of those in my life).I am 61 years old now. this last anxiety attack, I see a psychiatric nurse MN.  She is prescribing lamectomial (200 mg 2x a day)
clonozopan (1    .5mg tablet daily     1/2  2x a day)
zolpidem  10 mg ( 1 tablet daily at night)
Lamectomal ( mood stabilizer)
clonozapam  (for anxiety)
zolipidem  (for sleep)
I asked her if I could get off some of the drugs.
I am self employed.she said if I was not self  employed, she would have taken me off the zolipidem and clonozopan

Is this  amount addicting???
What is your opinion of taking all these drugs for so long?
She is knowledgeable and well respected in the community.

Hi Ed,

Drugs generally do not cure the biological causes of anxiety attacks, but simply mask its symptoms. To CURE the anxiety attacks is by treating hypoglycemia (Pre-diabetic insulin resistance ( This can be treated without recourse to drugs by the adoption of he hypoglycemic diet (  Please read:

Beating Anxiety and Phobia  

Please ask your nurse to GRADUALLY withdraw from drugs whilst on the hypoglycemic diet.  

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Bipolar Disorder

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Author of the book "Getting off the Hook", It is freely available on the internet at Google Book Search. My articles can be found at:

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