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Bipolar Disorder/My daughter has bipolar with schizo effective disorder


My daughter is 38 yrs. old, lives 5 hrs. away from me in another state.  She is married, has two children (4 & 7 yrs).  She came down with this disorder when she was a sophomore in college.  She obtained her BS degree in English.  She taught at one of our local schools for about 2 yrs. struggling with episodes off & on; finally she became so ill with an episode that she couldn't continue working. She had signed up for disability ins. so she was able to go on disability for about 5 yrs. through the school system.  Since then, she & her family have moved to another state; she has not worked since.  Her husband has encouraged her to go back to school & get her Masters Degree & work as an Intern in a program called a Gypsy Program where they live.  Thus getting experience and the Gypsy Program pays for her Master Program.  Problem:  she has only been on the job 3 weeks (working 8 hr. days 3 days per week).  She is again showing severe mental issues and struggling to even go to work the 3 days.  I advised her to get into her therapist.  Oh and she is currently under review for filing for disability from the state she is in but all contacts tell her she is too smart. My daughter tells me if she gets denied by the state disability this time; she can't reapply for 5 years because she hasn't worked in the last 5 yrs.  My daughter has a severe case of bipolar/schizo effective disorder as several other of my family members (whom all are currently on disability).  Any suggestions who she might contact to look into disability review?  I know as her coach and Mother she is not going to make it on this job.  I am desperate as what advise or directions to give her.  Any input would be helpful!  Oh and she is compliant with her medications.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

Hi Becky,

I can not give any advice how she will succeed in getting disability insurance, but may be able to help her with coping better with her bipolar and schizo effective disorder, although it is unlikely to give a "cure".  If she is on any medication she should continue to do so and remain in contact with her doctor.

Most people with bipolar or schizophrenia will improve their symptoms with the adoption of the hypoglycemic diet.  You can be tested for hypoglycemia ( with a special Glucose Tolerance Test as explained at:

Testing for Hypoglycemia,

Alternatively you can test yourself at home:
Testing for Hypoglycemia by Questionnaires
  Nutrition-Behavior Inventory (NBI)

  Hypoglycemic Questionnaire (short test)
If you score high it may be an indication that you could be  hypoglycemic (  This is a silent disease that is responsible for excess production of stress hormones - like adrenaline and cortisol - and which may trigger depression, anxiety or a low self-esteem.

This can be treated by going on a hypoglycemic diet (

Please also read:

Nutritional Aspects of Schizophrenia by Jurriaan Plesman ---> page 7

For more information on Bipolar disorder see Index to Specific Topics at:

Please discuss with her doctor or get a referral to a Nutritional doctor.

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Bipolar Disorder

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